Tiger3D Build Plate


Brand: Tiger3D Accessories • Dimensions: 160 x 90mm • Application: Picker Build Platform • Models: For all Tiger 3D Printers


1 to 2 $198.70
3 and above $192.75
Priced Individually

Total Price
Tiger3D Build Plate
Tiger3D Build Plate

This metal build plate/platform can be used on all Tiger3D Series printers.

The build plate is securely mounted to the Z Motor and raises out of the resin tank layer by layer until the resin build is finished. After the job is completed, the resin build is carefully scraped from the platform and post processed.

The build plate requires thorough washing in a clean 99% pure alcohol bath prior to the next build job.  Its suggested the build plate is cleaned with dry compressed air before re-installing the build plate in your Tiger3D Printer. Its important to insure there are no contaminates or finger prints on the build plate, which will damage the resin tank material.

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