Tiger3D Soft Tank Scraper


 • Brand: Tiger3D Accessories • Country of Origin: Imported


1 to 4 $2.99
5 to 9 $2.40
10 and above $1.99
Priced Individually

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Tiger3D Soft Tank Scraper
Tiger3D Soft Tank Scraper

This plastic scraper is used for any Tiger3D series printer and can be used in most DLP/SLA desktop printers.

Tiger3D Scraper is used specifically to easily stir resin before every build and safely remove residues of cured resin from the bottom of the tank.

Made using engineered plastics, this special scraper won’t damage the surface of the tank’s Teflon foil and is chemically inert to Tiger resins.

Designed to be sharp and mechanically strong but flexible and soft, Tiger3D will extend the life of your build tank.

It’s special engineered plastic composition makes it reusable for many builds. Dispose it after 5 to 10 times or before if broken.

To avoid contamination, allocate one Tiger3D Scraper for every resin in case you use multiple materials.

Clean after use with tissue-paper.

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