Tiger3D APEX Jewelry Scanner

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  • Brand: Tiger3D
  • Product: 3D Scanner
  • Resolution: 10 microns
  • Pixel Sensor: 2 x 1.3mp
  • Point Spacing: 0.06mm
  • 3D Scanning Area (Field of View): 4" 
  • 3D Scanning Volume (X-Y-Z): 4" x 4" x 3"h
  • 3D Scanning: Principle Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation
  • Light Source: White LED


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Tiger3D APEX Jewelry ScannerUnlock the Future of Precise 3D Scanning with the Tiger3D APEX Jewelry Scanner by Romanoff International Supply Corporation

Since 1949, Romanoff International Supply Corporation has been a stalwart in the realm of precious metal fabrication and 3D printing. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the company proudly introduces the Tiger3D APEX Jewelry Scanner, a professional-grade, high-resolution desktop 3D scanner meticulously crafted for the intricate world of small objects and delicate details. From rapid 3D scans to CAD files in 15 minutes or less, the Tiger3D APEX sets a new standard in scanning precision and efficiency.

Unparalleled Precision and Quality

The Tiger3D APEX is designed to meet the demands of jewelers and artisans who require the highest scanning precision and accuracy for small objects with intricate geometries and fine details. With a resolution of 10 microns and a pixel sensor boasting 2 x 1.3 megapixels, this scanner ensures that every nuance and subtlety of your object is faithfully captured.

Key Features that Define Excellence

1. High-Quality Rapid 3D Scanning

The Tiger3D APEX takes 3D scanning to the next level, providing high-quality rapid scans that save valuable time without compromising on accuracy. Whether you are scanning jewelry pieces or intricate prototypes, the scanner delivers exceptional results.

2. Intuitive Software

Navigating the world of 3D scanning is made effortless with the Tiger3D APEX's intuitive software. The user-friendly interface ensures that both beginners and experienced users can harness the full potential of the scanner with ease.

3. Automatic Calibration

Eliminate the guesswork with automatic calibration, ensuring that your scanner is always ready for precise and accurate scans. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual adjustments and hello to efficiency.

4. Automatic Scanning and Active Synchronization

The Tiger3D APEX streamlines the scanning process with automatic scanning and active synchronization. This feature ensures that your scans are not only accurate but also synchronized seamlessly for a hassle-free experience.

5. Compact Design

Space is often a premium in workshops and design studios. The Tiger3D APEX addresses this with a compact design that doesn't compromise on performance. Set up your scanning station without sacrificing valuable workspace.

Versatile 3D Scanning Applications

The Tiger3D APEX isn't just a scanner; it's a versatile tool for various applications within the jewelry and design industries.

1. Recreating Missing Set Pieces

Restore vintage or damaged jewelry pieces by recreating missing components with precision and accuracy. The Tiger3D APEX ensures that every detail is faithfully replicated in the digital realm.

2. Creating STL Files of Organic Objects

Capture the organic beauty of natural forms by creating detailed STL files. From flora-inspired designs to organic shapes, the scanner transforms real-world objects into digital masterpieces.

3. Scanning Faceted Stones for Remounts

Preserve the brilliance of faceted stones by scanning them with the Tiger3D APEX. This feature is invaluable for remounts, ensuring that stones fit seamlessly into new settings.

4. Creating Bridal Sets

Crafting exquisite bridal sets requires attention to detail. The Tiger3D APEX excels in capturing the intricacies of bridal jewelry, allowing designers to create cohesive and stunning sets.

5. Product Development

Accelerate your product development cycle by using the Tiger3D APEX to create accurate digital models. From initial prototypes to refined designs, the scanner facilitates efficient and precise development processes.

6. Reverse Engineering

Uncover the secrets of existing designs or prototypes with reverse engineering capabilities. The Tiger3D APEX empowers designers to understand and recreate intricate structures with ease.

System Specifications

To ensure optimal performance, the Tiger3D APEX comes with specific system requirements:

  1. - CPU Requirements:** Intel i5 or above
  2. - RAM Requirements:** 8GB or more
  3. - GPU Requirements:** Nvidia GeForce 1060 2G or higher
  4. - OS Requirements:** Windows 7 or above

***Note: Compatible with Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs only. Not compatible with AMD CPUs or GPUs.***

 Technical Specifications

  1. - Resolution:** 10 microns
  2. - Pixel Sensor:** 2 x 1.3mp
  3. - Point Spacing:** 0.06mm
  4. - 3D Scanning Area (Field of View):** 4"
  5. - 3D Scanning Volume (X-Y-Z):** 4" x 4" x 3"h

Elevate Your Craft with Tiger3D APEX

The Tiger3D APEX Jewelry Scanner by Romanoff International Supply Corporation is not just a tool; it's a gateway to precision, efficiency, and creative freedom. From capturing the essence of intricate jewelry to accelerating product development, this scanner is a game-changer. Experience the future of 3D scanning and elevate your craft with the Tiger3D APEX. Trust in Romanoff's legacy of innovation, spanning over seven decades, to bring you a tool that sets new standards in the world of jewelry design and fabrication.

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