Tiger3D APEX 4K - XHD Plus

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  • Brand: Tiger3D
  • Build Plate Area: 150 x 84.5 x 120 mm (5.9 x 3.3 x 4.7 in)
  • XY Resolution: 39 μm
  • Z Resolution: 5 μm to 200 μm
  • Wavelength: 385/405 nm

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Priced individually

High Precision 4K 3D Printers for Jewelry

Tiger3D APEX K Series is the newest edition to our family of The Most Advanced High Definition DLP Printers. Packed with features like an all-new Windows-based interface and Automatic Cleaning System, built-in Wifi, and 20% faster printing speeds, Tiger3D APEX K Series is a quick line to your business™ production!

Increased Efficiency

Tiger3D APEX 4K - XHD PLUS now print 20% faster than its predecessor with a 33% larger build area , automatic cleaning feature to Keep your Tiger's resin tank clear of hardened resin and other debris.

Superior Technology

Powered by an all-new Windows interface, the world's most popular operating system. This machine features built-in Wi-Fi for remote operation and monitoring. Unlike other systems, Tiger3D Printers allow the operator to run all 405um resins thanks to its open-source system.

Protective Layering System

Provides smoother surfaces, more precise printing, fewer supports, and faster growing times./p>

Heated Resin Tank

Heats up your resin of choice for superior layer adhesion, curing, and resin compatibility.

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