Yasui Fuji Powder: Premium Platinum Investment with Binder - 25 kg

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  • Brand: Yasui
  • Product: Platinum Investment with Binder
  • Investment Size: 25 kg
  • Binder Size: 500g
  • Country of Origin: Japan

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Priced Per 25.5kg Kit
Qty Price Per Unit
1-2 $239.00
3 and Above $231.83

Romanoff is proud to be the official USA distributor of Yasui Fuji Platinum Investment

This two-part Japanese platinum investment has the purest silica formulated specifically for platinum casting. The surface results on your metal castings will be smoother than any other platinum investment, because of the unique silica reaction to molten metal.

The new Yasui Fuji investment no longer requires a liquid binder, now the binder is in powder form and is not a Haz-Mat item.


  • One carton of Yasui platinum investment will yield approximately 165 standard size 3" x 3 steel flasks

Yasui Fuji Premium Platinum Investment Kit

Investment Size 25.5Kg
Binder Size 1-kg
OEM Parts Yes
Packing Qty Priced Per 25.5kg Kit