Yasui K3 Outer Ceramic Casting & Shotting Crucible

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  • Brand: Yasui
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Designed For: K3
  • Weight: 0.50lb
  • Country of Origin: Japan
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Priced individually


  • Model: Yasui K3
  • Application: Outer Ceramic Crucible for Graphite Casting and Shot Maker Crucible
  • Dimensions: 75mm(L) x 75mm(OD) x 75mm(H)
  • Maximum Temperature: 1650C
  • Weight: 0.50-lbs
  • Country of Origin: Japan
Packing Qty Priced individually
Crucible Accesories Outer Crucible
Material Type Ceramic
Crucible Brand Yasui
OEM Parts Yes