YASUI RBF13/19/21/37 Thermocouple (OVER HEAT)

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  • Brand: Yasui
  • Product: Thermocouple for RBF Over Heat Protection
  • Designed for: RBF 13/19/21/37
  • Probe Measures: 8mm X 205mm
  • Country of Origin: Japan
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Yasui Thermocouple RBF13,19,21,37

    • This thermocouple in the burnout chamber and will prevent the furnace from over shooting the set temperature, p/n 77-014-TCMH
    • The 2nd thermocouple P/n 77-014-TC is for the main burnout chamber temperature control.
    • The furnace has a 3rd thermocouple with blue cable mounted on top for measuring the afterburner temperatures, P/n 77-014-ABTC1
OEM Parts Yes
yasui accessories thermocouple
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