Freeman Flake Waxes - Filigree Pink Flakes - 5lbs

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  • Brand: Freeman
  • Material: Wax Flakes
  • Color: Pink
  • Application: Very Fluid, low shrinkage and non-brittle
  • Injection Temperature: 71℃ / 160℉
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Priced Per: 5lb package
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Priced Per 5-lb Package
Qty Price Per Unit
1-2 $42.50
3-9 $41.65
10 and Above $40.80

Formerly sold as NYC Pink Flakes. This wax combines the flexibility of Tuff Guy Green (aka Tuffy Green) with the excellent flow characteristics of Aqua flakes, producing very high detail while enabling easy pattern removal without breakage. Recommended for stone in place casting.

Packing Qty Priced Per 5-lb Package