Yasui Prime - Digital Vacuum Wax Injector System with Standard Clamp

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  • Brand: Yasui
  • Model: Prime
  • Power: 230V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
  • Temperature Range: 40°C - 100°C (104°F - 212°F)
  • Wax Capacity: ~3.5kg
  • Clamp Type: Standard
  • Dimensions: 58cm x 47cm x 51cm
  • Interface: Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Weight: 33.5kg (packed 42.0kg)
  • Country of Origin: Japan

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Priced individually

Introducing the Yasui Prime D-VWIS Vacuum Wax Injector System, the pinnacle of over three decades of Yasui's expertise in crafting precision tools for the jewelry manufacturing industry. With a legacy that spans over 20,000 installed units worldwide, Yasui has consistently set the standard for vacuum wax injectors. The Prime D-VWIS is the latest evolution of this legacy, offering a level of precision, control, and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.

Precision Perfected

The Prime D-VWIS is designed to inject a precise and controlled amount of wax into a vacuumed mold, setting new benchmarks in quality and efficiency. By eliminating air bubbles, stabilizing wax weights, and producing uniform parts, this state-of-the-art system significantly enhances productivity, ensuring that each wax pattern meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Advanced User-Friendly Control System

At the heart of the Prime D-VWIS lies its advanced user-friendly computer control system. Operators can effortlessly fine-tune settings for each mold, tailoring the injection process to achieve the perfect wax pattern. Once these settings are dialed in, the system saves the mold's recipe to its memory, standing ready for the next order. Optionally, operators can take advantage of RFID technology to save mold settings on a chip attached to each mold, facilitating quick and automatic adjustments with a simple wave over the optional RFID reader.

RFID Technology for Seamless Operation

The optional RFID feature adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to the Prime D-VWIS. By saving mold settings on an RFID chip attached to each mold, operators can seamlessly transition between different projects without the need for manual adjustments. RFID, a radio-frequency identification memory chip, ensures swift and automatic identification and tracking of tagged objects, streamlining the workflow.

Unrivaled Benefits & Features

  • Large Clamp Design: The Prime D-VWIS features a larger clamp compared to its predecessor, offering enhanced stability and precision during the injection process.

  • Memory for All Molds: The system has the capacity to store settings for all molds, ensuring a seamless transition between different jewelry designs.

  • Adjustable Z-Axis: Operators can easily and manually adjust the Z-axis, giving them greater control over the injection process.

  • Elimination of Shrinkage and Model Distortion: Capable of eliminating shrinkage and model distortion, the Prime D-VWIS guarantees the utmost precision in every wax pattern.

  • Equal Weight Distribution: The system ensures equal weight distribution of wax, contributing to the creation of high-quality and uniform jewelry pieces.

  • Increased Productivity: With its advanced features, the Prime D-VWIS significantly boosts overall productivity, making it an invaluable tool for jewelry manufacturers.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed with ease of use in mind, the system allows even new operators to start working from day one with pre-stored parameters.

  • Auto Preheating: The system comes with an auto preheating feature, ensuring that it is ready for operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

  • X-Y Clamp Movement: The X-Y clamp movement provides accurate clamp pressure points, further enhancing precision in the injection process.

  • Easy Parameter Checks: Operators can easily check and verify parameters, ensuring that the system is set up for optimal performance.

  • Easy Touch Operation: The system features an intuitive touch screen LCD panel, making it easy for operators to navigate and operate the Prime D-VWIS seamlessly.


Investing in the Yasui Prime D-VWIS Vacuum Wax Injector System means investing in the future of jewelry manufacturing. With unparalleled precision, efficiency, and user-friendly features, the Prime D-VWIS stands as a testament to Yasui's commitment to excellence. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Yasui for quality and innovation, and elevate your jewelry production to new heights with the Prime D-VWIS.

OEM Parts Yes
Packing Qty Priced individually