Indutherm Semi Automatic Vacuum Casting Machine - VC 500

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  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model: VC500
  • Power: 10kW 3x400V / 3x208V
  • Temperature Max: 1600ºC
  • Crucible Volume: 245 ccm = 3.6 kg Au 18 ct*
  • Temperature Program Control: 20 Programs
  • For Use with Flasks: 130 mm / 240 mm h
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced individually

Indutherm VC 400

Indutherm VC 500

For larger production quantities with continuous casting operation, greater performance (shorter casting times) with even larger crucibles and flask capacities (flasks up to 160 mm / 400 mm H) is important. The high maximum temperature of 1600ºC extends the possible range of alloys. Temperature measurements in both the crucible and the flask mean the temperature limits are strictly adhered to. If alloys are changed frequently, 16 different temperature programs simplify working procedures. The optional data printer records all the parameters of each casting (ISO 9001).

VC 400

VC 500

Power max. / electrical connection (max. temp.) 3.5 kW 230V or 4.5kW 3x400v (1400ºC) 10kW 3x400V / 3x208V (1600ºC)
Crucible Volume 170 ccm = 2.5kg Au 18 ct* 245 ccm = 3.6 kg Au 18 ct*
optional: 386 ccm = 5.8 kg Au 18 ct*
Flasks 130 mm / 240 mm h 130 mm / 240 mm h
optional: 160 mm / 400 mm h
Dual Temperature Control Optional Optional
Flask Temperature Measurement - Standard
Flask and Chamber Lift Optional Standard
Temperature Programs 20 temperature programs 20 temperature programs
Turbo Pressure Function Standard Standard
RS 232, Diagnostic System Standard Standard
GSM Modem for Remote Service Optional Optional
Sintering Kit (for Diffusion Bonding) Optional Optional
Granulation Tank Optional Optional
Packing Qty Priced individually