Indutherm VC 680V - Fully Automatic Vacuum Casting Machine

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  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model Number: VC680V
  • Crucible Volume: 3.6 kg 18k gold / 2.4 kg silver
  • For Use with Flasks: 240mm H x 1300mm Dia
  • Country of Origin: Germany

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Priced individually

Ready for the future!

Our casting plants are already prepared for the requirements of the future such as Industry 4.0. The program control unit, the interfaces, and the GSM modem enable communication with other systems. For instance, remote control, online software updating, and robot integration in the casting process are all possible.

Thanks to its novel filling system, the new VC 680V vacuum pressure casting machine ensures maximum efficiency. With this innovative filling technique, it is no longer necessary to open the melting chamber for the next batch of metal. An automatic metal sensor signals when the material is missing in the feeder and needs replenishing.


  • lower personnel costs
  • more consistent casting quality
  • better process stability, less waste
  • optimized overlapping casting
  • up to 20 casting cycles per hour
  • high energy efficiency
  • longer service lives for consumables
  • minimized metal loss
  • replenishment without loss of pressure

Refilling without loss of temperature and pressure

The refill system with programmable dosing makes it possible to introduce the next batch of metal without the need to open the melting chamber. This ensures that the melting chamber temperature remains high and unnecessary loss of energy is avoided. Most importantly: No oxygen enters the melting chamber so the chamber does not need to be evacuated again and refilled with inert gas. This makes for faster casting cycles; the crucible and sealing rod benefit from the largely constant atmosphere and temperature and have significantly longer service lives.

An additional pressure tank integrated into the plant provides for even faster overpressure build-up for activation of the TurboPressure PLUS function.






Power max. / electrical connection (max. temp.) 4.5kW 3x400V (1400º C) 8 kW 3x400V (1600º C) 12 kW 3x400V (1700º C) 12 kW 3x400V (1700º C)
Crucible Volume 170 ccm = 2.5kg Au 18 ct*

170 ccm = 2.5kg Au 18 ct*   Optional: 245 CCM = 3.6 kg Au 18

245 ccm = 3.6 kg Au 18 ct*
optional: 386 ccm = 5.8 kg Au 18 ct*
245 ccm = 3.6 kg Au 18 ct*
optional: 386 ccm = 5.8 kg Au 18 ct*
Flasks 130 mm / 240 mm h 130 mm / 240 mm h 130 mm / 240 mm h
optional: 160 mm / 400 mm h
130 mm / 240 mm h
optional: 160 mm / 400 mm h
Vibration Technology - Standard Standard Standard
Pneumatic Bell Lock Standard Standard Standard Standard
Maximum Pressure 1.5 bar 1.5 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Programs 20 100 100 100
Program Control by LCD-display, full text readout by LCD-display, full text readout by LCD-display, full text readout by LCD-display, full text readout
Dual Temp. Control Optional Optional Standard Standard
Flask Temp. Measurement - - Standard Standard
Automatic Flask & Chamber Lift Standard Standard Standard Standard
Variable Vacuum in Flask Chamber - Standard Standard Standard
Turbo Pressure Plus System - Standard Standard Standard
Turbulence Reduction Software Standard Standard Standard Standard
RS 232, Diagnostic System Standard Standard Standard Standard
Data Printer Optional Optional Standard Standard
GSM Modem for Remote Service Optional Optional Standard Standard
Sintering Kit (for diffusion bonding) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Granulation Tank Optional Optional Optional Optional
Packing Qty Priced individually
OEM Parts Yes