Thermocouple For Romanoff Programmable Furnaces

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Replacement Thermocouple for Romanoff Programmable Furnaces
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The Romanoff heavy-duty programmable furnaces feature a built-in computerized furnace temperature controller.

The programmable controller allows up to six segments or “ramps” to be pre-set. Each ramp consists of heating or cooling, temperature settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and hold time for each “ramp”. Also, a delayed start can be entered. Each programmable furnace has 3 built-in easy-to-use programs, platinum, gold and stone in place casting cycles plus the ability to customize each program. Each furnace has a stainless steel body. The heating elements are mounted in open grooves, making it easy to change them if necessary.

Designed for...

  • Romanoff Programmable Industrial Burn-Out Furnace (P/N 77-0913 / 77-0914 / 77-0918)