St. Louis #82 6-Kg Vacuum Investment Mixing Machine (platinum)


  • Model : 82PT
  • Powder Capacity : 6 Kg Au + 3 Kg Pt
  • Dimensions : 460mm x 420mm
  • Weight : 48 Kg
  • Height : 1050mm
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Flask Max Height : 200mm - 100mm
  • Flask Plate Diameter : 280mm

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St. Louis #82 6-Kg Vacuum Investment Mixing Machine (platinum)
St. Louis #82 6-Kg Vacuum Investment Mixing Machine (platinum) St Louis Mixer - Investment Casting Of Gold Ring

Heavy Duty Vacuum Investment Mixer with Stainless Steel Upgrade for Platinum Process

The most important feature of this unit is that you are mixing and pouring investment under a controlled vacuum environment.

Platinum investment unit supplied with particular mixing container and special cross blade. The machine is supplied with a separate standard mixing container to be used for gold investment powder. A syringe is provided for additive independent loading of binder.

With the St. Louis Mixers, you can automatically mix and pour your investment in an enclosed see through mixing chamber. A very important feature of these units are, you are mixing and pouring investment under a controlled vacuum environment with vibration. This is a real time saver as you will not have to separate mixing, pouring and vacuuming operations. Since it is user friendly, anyone can be trained in a few minutes on how to operate these units.

Simply place your flasks in the lower flask chamber below the investment mixing chamber. Add the correct amount of investment based on your flask size/s; start the vacuum pump (included), open the water valve from the graduated water cylinder, and then start the adjustable speed mixing motor and set your timer. For multiple flasks units, you can electronically turn the table to align the next flask under the pouring valve. As the investment fills the flasks, turn on the adjustable vibration table under the flasks and you are done!

The ST.LOUIS vacuum investment mixers are a patented unique system for the degassing of water and powder before mixing under vacuum by using adjustable speed and mixing time.

The investment will pour into the flask under vacuum, with vibration insuring a homogeneous and bubble free invested flask.

This model has two investment mixing chambers, a 3Kg chamber for platinum investment and a 6Kg mixing chamber for gold investment.

Reversible mixing blade and programmable mixing timer.

Has vibration option with adjustable intensity and electronic flask plate rotation.

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