I purchased the MC20V from Romanoff. Such an amazing machine for a small shop space. I was paying exorbitant amounts a month to a casting company to cast all my rings and even though this machine was not cheap, I am going to pay for it several times over within just the first year of purchasing! Super simple to use. Someone that has never done casting before could run this machine with perfect results. Johnathan is such an amazing salesperson and went above and beyond to make sure everything was in order. He's such a personable guy and he set me up with Richie to get the machine up and running. Richie helped me set up the machine and was very knowledgeable about how it works. I had a perfect cast the very first time running the machine. Thanks to the whole Romanoff team for such amazing service and a solid company. You have gained a lifetime customer!
August 16, 2022
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Sterling Hofman
I got a ProJet MJP 2500w from Romanoff. It is a wonderful machine and truly top of the line. It cut my time in half from other 3d printers and CNC machines when building supports and cutting them off. But, with the ProJet, all you have to do is drop the model and the machine will take care of the rest. The best part is the wonderful team, sales and support. Johnathan, was a very helpful sales person and did more than what he said and what I asked. Great person to deal with. I got my machine 3 days earlier from what he promised and right away he set me up with a great Tech support rep, Julio, to get the machine up and running. Both of these wonderful guys never missed one of my calls and were always there to help. I would always recommend Romanoff as a #1 company with accuracy of sales and tech. They will always advise you with what is right for you and your project. Big thanks to the team at Romanoff.
November 2, 2021
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The best part of Romanoff isn't the quality of equipment they have in stock and sell, its not even the storehouse of information available both before and after the sale or even the expert friendly sales reps. Although these are critical for success, the real advantage of buying from Romanoff is the extremely knowledgeable friendly and efficient tech support. In a time when big corporate take overs have dumbed down the support available in the jewelry industry arena Romanoffs are excelling as they have over the decades.I recently bought an induction casting machine and a programmable oven and I am very satisfied with the sales, service and tech support.
January 28, 2021
I just got an Indutherm VC480V gold casting machine. I have been using the manual version VC600 which requires all setting to be manually done. I got very used to it and it took me a little while to go from "stick shift to fully automatic" but now I am spoiled. All I do is tell it which program to operate for with metal & hit the start button. It is easy to understand and the casting quality is excellent. I got this automatic model from Irene at Romanoff. Their casting technician Richie is great. He took the time to stay with me while I learned everything about it. I received great training and service.
January 6, 2021
I love the ProJet MJP 2500W. A lot more reliable and much faster than other machines. Software is smart and easy to use and no support problems like with resin printers. Can produce 30 engagement rings in 2 to 2.5 hours. The material is wax so clean burnout and can cast in gold ,silver or platinum. The service from Romanoff is top shelf. If you buy the maintenance contract they come and service no extra charges. If an issue the phone support excellent also.I had 6 3D printers from a different manufacturer running before full time and this one machine does all they did and faster. 25 hour job on another machines takes 3 hours on the ProJet.
January 6, 2021
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George G- Creative Gold Projet MJP 2500W
The Fiberlux Nano is absolutely the greatest upgrade our retail business has made. It has increased the productivity of our shop immensely and has widened the range and quality of products we offer to our clientele. Personalized silver and gold jewelry has never been easier to make. The time and material we save with the Fiberlux Nano makes it a phenomenal investment and technological upgrade for any size business. 

The quality of the machine is only enhanced by the excellent education and technical services provided by Romanoff. As our business changed from manufacturing to retail, Romanoff has consistently provided us with the highest quality of products and services for well over twenty years.
October 13, 2020
This is a printer for manufactures who are interested in the future. Rubber molds are FINALLY for me, a thing of the past. With good CAD models this machine changes lives. I can put up a print run a few times a day! I can say quite conclusively that this machine is responsible for the growth of my business. 

This 3D systems printer delivers consistently beautiful, virtually smooth casting, and every part fits together perfectly every time. Every day I am in awe of its reliability and speed. 

The team at Romanoff are caring and knowledgeable. They have guided me over many years to acquire the best in 3D printing technology, and I have always been able to stay ahead of the curve because of them.
September 17, 2020