Indutherm MC60V Mini Casting Machine


  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model or style no: MC60V 
  • Power: 3.5kW / 230 V single-phase 16A, 50 or 60Hz
  • Temperature Max: 1300ºC 
  • Melting Capacity: up to 450g Au 18k Gold & 300gr Silver 
  • For Use of Flasks : ø 80/100 mm x 120 mm h 
  • Machine Dimensions400 x 450 x 450 mm 
  • Machine Weight: 70.5 lbs (32 kg)
  • Country of origin:  Germany

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Indutherm MC60V Mini Casting Machine
Indutherm MC60V Mini Casting Machine

Compact High-Performance Casting Machines

The MC60V has been developed with the user in mind for whom the MC16 is too small but a simple machine from the large VC series (e.g. the VC 400) is too big or requires too much manual operation. This small high-performance casting machine is ideal for smaller production quantities and can be used for jewelry alloys such as gold, silver, copper, and bronze, as well as for alloys of brass and aluminum. Thanks to the vacuum and overpressure functions and the many automatic control features, the machine provides first-class castings with little work – suitable for “beginners”.

High-Quality Machines, High-Quality Results

Top-quality form filling using overpressure of up to 2 bars (casting under vacuum also possible). The machine can be used to cast rolling blanks for platinum processing in copper molds.

Compact Size for Compact Projects

Measuring under two feet in all dimensions and weighing just 60 lbs, this casting machine is perfect for tight spaces and an economical option for small to medium projects. An excellent solution for studios and goldsmith's workshop with limited space.

Easy, Fast, and Efficient

Equipped with a High-quality LCD display for easy programming.  Quick shots by use of standard investment material in less than 4 hours, on "speed" investment material in less than 2 hours from wax piece to casting. The efficient use of consumable materials leads to cost savings over time.

Vacuum-Controlled Melting Atmosphere

Melting under vacuum or inert gas to prevent oxidation. Thorough through-mixing of molten metals using low-frequency induction tuning. 3.5 kW induction generator for quickly reaching the melting temperature.

Versatile Uses

This machine features a precise thermocouple temperature measurement of gold & silver up to 1300°C.

Product Manual

Product Manual

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